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Book for Boys - Meet the Characters

THIRTEEN is a book for boys aged 10 - 14 about a 13 year old boy trying to figure out who he is during an invasion of his ocean side border hometown. This action story is fast paced and written more like a movie script than a novel, making it easy and exciting for boys to read.

The Teenager - Jack

Jack is a thirteen year old boy who has just escaped the confines of elementary school to the freedoms of high school. The only thing standing in his way of total freedom to do what he wants is his over protective single mother who grounds him constantly.

One morning he wakes to machine gun fire as foreign soldiers have invaded the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, cutting off power, restricting travel, shutting down all media and communications. Can Jack survive without wifi?

Their limited point of view has them in the dark about what's going on and the stories they hear from people are scary, especially for those who came from Downtown Vancouver, which is where Jack's dad lives. Jack fears for his dad's safety and wants to go find him, however his mother doesn't care, the soldiers keep getting in his way and the cop who busted him is no help at all.

For more about who Jack is, what he likes, and what motivates him Click Here: The Teenager

The Mother - Sydney 

Sydney is Jack's mother. She is struggling to come to terms with her son's new attitude and rebellious nature. She isn't sure where this kid came from and as a single mom it's hard enough without all his antics. Still reeling from her divorce she is starting to date new men and Jack doesn't like it.

When foreign soldiers invade their hometown, Sydney is caught off guard and doesn't really know what to do. She can't sit still though and making sure they have what they need for the week until the Canadian and American armies can get there is her number one priority. Well, after keeping Jack inside the house.

For more about who Sydney is, what she likes, her family, and what motivates her, Click: The Mother

Getting Boys to Read

It's hard to find books that speak to boys and get them engaged. THIRTEEN was written with boys in mind and their limited attention spans. By keeping details to a minimum and setting the book in a familiar generic North American type place I force the reader to bring their own experiences into the story and make it theres. For more on how I structured THIRTEEN for reluctant readers.

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Paperback available on Amazon and digital copies available wherever e-books are sold. Click on cover image for more details on how to purchase from Amazon.

Shannon Peel is the author of THIRTEEN a story about a boy, his single mom, her cop boyfriend, a missing dad, and an invading foreign army. She explores North American life in an occupied zone with no power, no communication, and no freedoms. For more information check out her website: 

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