Monday, 18 January 2016

Occupied Christmas - A Short Story for Boys Grades 5-9

In Occupied Christmas Jack and his mom try to celebrate Christmas behind enemy lines, however the soldiers have forbid anyone from celebrating any holiday under threat of imprisonment. Will Jack and his mom get a Christmas?

This short story for boys is a serial in small easy to read parts posted on my blog. 

An excerpt of Occupied Christmas - Part 1 The Crawlspace

Jack’s knees hurt and his hands were cold from crawling along the concrete. The ceiling was only three feet above the floor, so standing was not an option. The last time he’d been down there, his mom had sent him to hide from the soldier who had come to their door with food. That time, he hid behind the Christmas decorations, this time, he was retrieving them. 
Christmas was only a few weeks away and although Jack didn’t believe in Jolly St. Nick, he always looked forward to the presents underneath the tree. This year was no different. Occupation or not, it was still December and it was still Christmas. Maybe the Canadian and US armies would save them by the 25th and they could have a normal Christmas. Maybe they’d find his dad and he’d come home. One could always hope, right? More...

The characters are from my debut novel, THIRTEEN, about a boy, his single mom, a cop, and an invading army. The contemporary story is set in a West Coast North American town.

THIRTEEN is the first in a series about a boy, his single mom, a cop, and an invading army. Jack wakes to machine gun fire when foreign soldiers invade his home town cutting off the power, shutting down communications, and restricting travel. Jack wants to see his dad who lives in the city 45 minutes away but his mother doesn't care, the soldiers are in his way and the cop who busted him is no help at all.

To find out more about THIRTEEN click to go to my website.

Shannon Peel is the mother of two wonderful teenagers who live with her in South Surrey, BC Canada. 

After a career in the financial field she decided to stay home and raise her two children until school age. In 2007 she return to the workforce as a sales / marketing / advertising professional.

THIRTEEN is her debut full size paperback novel.

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